Getting started

Once you've signed up to my marathon my way, we're on hand to help you with training advice, fundraising support including lots of ways to make the most of fundraising online and information about what your fundraising means to Sands.


Training Hub

Head to your very own Sands training hub. Here you can learn how to prevent injury, how to warm up for your challenge and if you want to train to achieve a certain distance whilst running, there are week by week guides to follow. There are also great vlogs showing how you can stretch and get ready for your walk, run or step challenge.

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Get fundraising

You're taking on a virtual challenge and you can raise funds online too. Find out how to make the most of your online fundraising page and reach your fundraising goal.

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Your impact

By fundraising for Sands, you will be helping us provide bereavement support remotely such as through the Sands Helpline, our online forum available 24/7, our Facebook and Grief Chat online function, as well as virtual support meetings.

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How you could take on your 26.2 miles

As this event is virtual, it's up to you! You can add your miles manually or if you are using one of the supported tracking apps like Fitbit or Strava they will upload automatically onto your personal profile. Your miles will add up to 26.2 miles gradually and you'll also see the total miles achieved by everyone else taking on my marathon my way this year.

You could run a couple of miles each day during your outdoor exercise or you could walk laps of your garden which will add up to 26.2 miles. You could even work out the number of times to go up and down your steps at home or in your building to reach 26.2 miles. However you choose, it’s your challenge and it’s your marathon in your own way!

Want to know what your fundraising means to Sands? Watch this film and see how your support makes a difference.

Saving lives with every mile. #mymarathonmyway

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