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I’m fundraising for the charity Sands!

This year I'm taking part in My Marathon My Way to raise vital funds for Sands during this incredibly difficult time.

In these uncertain times, the Sands helpline and online community are vital in keeping bereaved families connected by offering a safe, confidential and compassionate space to talk.

The NHS is stretched and Sands are there to support with the various emotional needs bereaved parents and families have day to day, which can be heightened in such uncertain times.

Sands is not immune from the effects of this pandemic so I’m taking on My Marathon My Way to save lives with every mile.

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Saturday 5th Sep
As some of you may know, this has become a meaningful charity close to our hearts due to the loss of Rosa-Bella Wright nearly 4 years ago. 

Sands supports anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. 
When this happens to a family you are not prepared for it emotionally or physically. 
When Rosa-bella was born I had been given a bereavement midwife who was amazing, she provided clothes for Rosa-bella and a beautiful gift box.

No one should have to bury a child.
It can be a very lonely time and you feel that you can not talk to your family and friends as they do not understand how you are feeling.
If I did not have the support from SANDS in the early staging of my grief I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Stillborns and miscarriages are more common than we all think. Usually, people do not notice these sufferings until it is met in friends and families or within their own lives. However, people should not suffer alone & with the help of SANDS – they are guided through their heartache and loss.
We ask you to help us to raise the money for SANDS to help them to continue their great charitable work in helping other families in similar situations.

Please donate all you can, however small – by placing change into the box below.

Thank You So Much – From the bottom of our hearts.

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