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My target 26 mi

I’m fundraising for the charity Sands! They were a godsend to me when we lost Freddie - without them I don't know how I would have managed the loss of my first Grandson

This year I'm taking part in My Marathon My Way to raise vital funds for Sands during this incredibly difficult time.

In these uncertain times, the Sands helpline and online community are vital in keeping bereaved families connected by offering a safe, confidential and compassionate space to talk.

The NHS is stretched and Sands are there to support with the various emotional needs bereaved parents and families have day to day, which can be heightened in such uncertain times.

Sands is not immune from the effects of this pandemic so I’m taking on My Marathon My Way to save lives with every mile.

My Updates

26.2 miles completed!

Sunday 27th Sep
So pleased I've completed my marathon my way. Thank you to everyone who sponsored and supported me. I really do appreciate it and I know SANDs do too

Finish line insight!

Sunday 27th Sep
Just ran 3 miles on treadmill and so pleased I managed it. Having a breather then I want to do my final mile!

20 miles down - 6 to go

Thursday 24th Sep
Just did another 2 miles on the treadmill. Feeling fitter and runs getting better. Only 6 miles to go to complete my target of My Marathon My Way! 

Well over half way now

Friday 18th Sep
Managed 2 and half miles today (with 2 goes on treadmill) plus the half from a couple of days ago so adding 3 to my total. On the downhill stretch now 😆

Nearly halfway

Tuesday 15th Sep
If I do 1 mile tomorrow (after my 13 hour shift) I will be over half way! 😁

Mile 10 down

Saturday 12th Sep
Just completed mile 10 which was hard going as been on nights, and again tonight, so only 16.2 to go! 

Day 11 and 9 miles completed

Friday 11th Sep
Ran on treadmill again for 1.5 miles so added as 2 as it doesnt count the halves and I did 1.5 yesterday too. Definitely getting easier and just need to eat more healthily now and I'm sure it will get even easier 🤞

Day 10 and mile 7.5

Thursday 10th Sep
Unable to run yesterday as had my granddaughter to stay so ran 1.5 miles today and hope to tomorrow. Activity log wouldn't let me add the half mile though

Day 7 and mile 6

Monday 7th Sep
6th mile completed tonight on treadmill and getting a little quicker each run. That snail by the treadmill has a worried look on his cute little face

Days 5 and 6

Sunday 6th Sep
Been on nights and didnt get much sleep yesterday so had a rest day but back on it today for mile no.5 and definitely getting quicker. Easier now I jog with Adele, Tom Walker and Dean Lewis

Day 4

Friday 4th Sep
Day 4 - completed a mile on the treadmill and getting slightly quicker. Determined to beat that snail next to the treadmill to the finish line!

Day 3

Thursday 3rd Sep
Another mile jogged on treadmill tonight and also did a 3 mile walk across the forest earlier (which I'm not counting for this challenge) 

Day 2

Wednesday 2nd Sep
2nd mile done on treadmill and though legs a bit stiff to start it felt much easier to complete. I'm going to smash this!!

1st mile completed!

Tuesday 1st Sep
Nearly killed me but straight onto treadmill and did a (slow) mile, but jogged it nonetheless. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Graham White


David White


Bill Ansell

Good luck Gill


Will And Alice

Smashing it!


Alex And Josh Doe

Good luck Gill! Really great cause xxx


Gail Crabb

good luck Gilly, keep running


Sandra King


Judith Haire

Well done Gilly


Jan Noble

Well done Gilly!


Alan Doe

You go girl. x


Chris And Teresa Ansell

Good Luck Gill


Annalise Doe

Well done Gill x


Gillian Ansell


Eve,mike And Merlin

Go Gilly. And for a great cause aswell.


Claire White


John Gibbs

Good luck Gilly x


Claire Miller

Good luck Gilly, I’ve no doubt you’ll smash it! x


Deb Buckland

Well done Gilly ... keep running 🏃🏻‍♀️