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I’m fundraising for the charity Sands!

This year I'm taking part in My Marathon My Way to raise vital funds for Sands during this incredibly difficult time.

In these uncertain times, the Sands helpline and online community are vital in keeping bereaved families connected by offering a safe, confidential and compassionate space to talk.

The NHS is stretched and Sands are there to support with the various emotional needs bereaved parents and families have day to day, which can be heightened in such uncertain times.

Sands is not immune from the effects of this pandemic so I’m taking on My Marathon My Way to save lives with every mile.

My Updates

Aaaaaand.... Done!

Thursday 31st Dec
Final half-marathon completed, so that’s two marathon distances in under two weeks. I finished in relative style with my fastest time of the four, and my second fastest half-marathon ever. 
Boy, was it cold out there! Think the temperature was at 2C but at points the wind definitely made it feel lower! 
I’m so delighted I got it all done though, and thank you so much to everyone that donated. In total I’ve raised over £300 for SANDS which is just incredible, so thank you everyone, it really means a lot to both Naomi & I. 
I want to build on this, so I’m going to run a half-marathon at the end of each month next year, hopefully, and build stuff around that. Who knows, next December four marathons in two weeks...? 😱

Three down, one to go

Monday 28th Dec
Changed things up for today’s half-marathon by taking a new route around town. Some of it was routed I’ve run before, but added some new bits on too. 
I got a crappy night’s sleep last night, so wasn’t sure I’d manage it today, but wanted to get it done while the weather was good. That paid off, as I only experienced some light rain in the last few kilometres. 
The first 5K was hard, I was feeling quite icky and wasn’t sure I’d be able to complete, but that settled down eventually and the run out to Fordwich (or as close as I felt I wanted to attempt, given the flooding) was quite enjoyable. I stopped at the turnaround point for a couple of minutes and had a few chomps on my protein bar, then onward back to town and around the main roads before finishing on my usual 5K town route. 
I’m a little sore in my lower calves and ankles but no more than on previous runs, and generally feel better in and of myself than after either of the last two. 

One nice little addition is that I discovered today that I’m now at my lowest weight since I started weighing myself a few years back! I genuinely don’t care about my weight, and only weigh myself once every few months when I remember, but it was nice to see that even after Christmas indulgences I’ve lost a couple of pounds! 

The important thing, though, is that I feel fitter. As I said, I feel less worn out by the run this time than I have after the last two, and that’s the goal really. 

One more to go, either 30th or 31st depending on weather... 🤞🤞🤞

Second Half-Marathon completed!

Tuesday 22nd Dec
So today I ran the same Crab & Winkle route as last week when I ran my first half-marathon. It’s amazing what difference a banana, a jar of overnight oats and a lack of head-wind can do. Managed the whole distance without stopping (except to take a quick photo!) and knocked a minute off the time. 
It’s still a tough route, and those two or three hills on the way back (as well as the general slight uphill slant much of the Way has) definitely provide a challenge. 
But I’m very happy with that result, and don’t feel anywhere as crappy physically as I did on Friday. 👍😂

Of course, officially that’s me done #mymarathonmyway but as I’m sure you’re all aware, the challenge isn’t over for me yet. I decided to do #twomarathonsmyway before the end of the year, so two more to come!

I am, however, abandoning my attempt to run one of them in under 4 hours. The C&W Way is way hillier than my normal route along the Stour, and with all the flooding down there I don’t think that route is going to be viable. So I’m going to push that challenge into summer 2021 when the weather can work in my favour! Meantime, my goal is to just do the next marathon distance faster than this first one. 

Onwards and upwards! 😊🏆

First Half-Marathon...Done!

Friday 18th Dec
Boy, that was a tough one. 
I ran Canterbury to Whitstable along the Crab & Winkle way, something I’ve done just once before. That time, I finished by running up and back down the beach, but today I wanted to get back to Canterbury so turned around at the end of the Way and ran back. 
The way out was pretty easy, and I was pleased with my time. The problems began on the way back. Firstly my body - I didn’t eat before going out, which was a big mistake, and I started feeling the impact of that on the way back. My legs were running out of energy, partly because of that and partly because they’re not used to the longer distances at the moment. I had water and an energy bar with me, which definitely helped, but it took everything I had to get up the hills. I’m used to running relatively simple climbs, and these were no different, but my legs just gave up the ghost as I hit each one. The two worst I ended up walking up, which was disappointing but necessary. Under normal/better circumstances I know I can run them though, so that’s a challenge for another day. The worst thing, though, was the incredible head winds that I faced on the way back. They sapped my strength more than anything else. It was really windy at points, including on some of the climbs, and that just about broke me. 

I wanted to do today in under 2 hours, which I haven’t managed as yet. I ended up doing it in 2 hours, 9 minutes, 28 seconds (not counting a few rest breaks I had to take). Not what I wanted, but given the various circumstances I am happy with that time, and it sets me a new baseline to build my next runs on. 

Overall, I’m knackered, I’m sore, I’m really happy to have done it and am looking forward to the next run in a few days. 👍🥉

Delayed Start

Friday 18th Dec
So I planned on doing #MyMarathonMyWay at the start of December, over two half-marathon distances. Unfortunately a few minor health niggles meant I had to delay for a bit. Now we’re approaching Christmas it’s time to get it done. 
I haven’t run many half-marathon distances, only four so far, and all along a route I know very well. My best time to date is 2 hours & 59 seconds, so my aim was to do each one in under 2 hours, so total of under 4 hours for the marathon distance. 

Then my wife happened. 

“You’ve got lots of time between now and Christmas, why don’t you do four?” she asked me yesterday. 


So, four half marathons between now and the end of Hogmanay. My usual route is somewhat flooded, so I’m going to be running a mostly-known but less-run-by-me route so it’ll be a new adventure, and it’ll definitely make the time goal more of a challenge. But I’m up for that. 

Wish me luck!

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Iain Maciver

Doing great, Duncan. Wish I was fit enough to do likewise, but I'll have to be content with cheering you on. Keep it up. Dad.


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Best of luck Duncan!


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Good luck Duncan!


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Good Luck. Hope it doesn't snow!


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Good luck Duncan!



Good luck Duncan


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Well done Duncan!



Great work Duncan xxx


Lindsay Wilson

Great cause Duncan, sponsoring in memory of your wee boy. Lxx


The Forrest’s

Good luck with the rest of your challenge. It’s one way to burn off the Christmas chocolate and pigs in blankets 😊



Go Tranok!


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Well done Duncan 👏🏻


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Good luck Duncan and enjoy those post run mince pies! 🤪


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Good luck Duncan!


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Good luck Duncan! Great cause


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Good luck!