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We hope to answer all your questions here but if you have any more please do email teamsands@sands.org.uk and we would be very happy to help!

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When do I need to complete my marathon by?

You can do this whenever suits you! You could sign up today and set yourself a goal to complete within a certain time period or you can spread it out a little further. It's totally up to you. Why not try doing a mile a day for 26 days? Just run and track your miles until you reach your goal.

Do I have to run, walk or jog a marathon in 1 day?

No! This is event is for those who might not have the time to take on a full marathon all at once or for those who might not want to. This is for you who just wants to get outside and run, walk or jog a few miles at a time. You can run 26.2 miles across a few days or walk a mile every day for 26 days. Or mix it up and create a step challenge on your flight of stairs at home and spread it across a week. As long as you track your miles, you will see your total go up and by the end you'll have a sense of achievement knowing you have run your own marathon, in your own way!

Why is this event happening now?

We wanted to offer those who might not want to run a marathon all at once, a way to get involved in doing their own marathon at their own pace. We also thought, now more than ever people might want to get involved in a challenge, set themselves a daily goal to keep moving, and work up to a fitness goal of running 26.2 miles across a time that suits them. Please refer to the government guidelines if you're unsure if you can take part: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Can I do my marathon my way at home?

Absolutely! Make the most of your space at home and track your miles by doing laps of the garden, loops of your stairs or even rounds of your balcony. Wherever you live you can find space to make up those miles. We had one fundraiser do their half marathon virtually on the balcony of their flat, so it's possible for us all to get involved whatever space we live in.

Can I do this with friends and family?

Yes, of course. You can take part in my marathon my way on your own, or you can get friends and family involved. When you sign up, sign up as a team (remember your team name!), and you can see your team total miles and funds raised added to the total. As it's virtual, you don't all need to live in the same home or do your miles at the same time. Just link your team together when you sign up and you'll have a goal you can all work towards together.

I don't use strava or a fitbit, how can I track my miles?

You can either connect your strava or fitbit to your profile page during the sign up process, or if you don't have either of these there is an option to add your miles manually. So if you use another tracking app, you can see your miles on there and you just add them in manually. Or if you know what route you walked for example, you could just add your miles manually by looking them up on 'google maps' or 'map my walk'.


How much should I raise for My Marathon My Way?

We suggest setting a target of £100 but there is no minimum or maximum for this challenge. Any support you can give, will benefit Sands

How can I fundraise when I can't see friends or family in person?

We have lots of ideas of how you can fundraise virtually at this time. Please find this information on our virtual fundraising page by clicking here.

I can't fundraise online, but want to donate cash. Is this possible?

Thank you so much for wanting to donate to Sands. During these times, online donations are the easiest way to fundraise for Sands. However if you would like to donate cash, please just contact fundraising@sands.org.uk and we can advise the best thing to do.