Run, walk or step your own marathon in your own way.

However you choose to take on 26.2 miles it's up to you. Whether it's on your own or in a team, or through a daily walk, run or weekend step challenge with the family. Just track your miles as you complete them and reach your own #mymarathonmyway goal.

Challenge yourself and save lives with every mile.

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1. Sign up

Sign up to my marathon my way today for FREE. Join on your own or get the family involved as a team. It's a virtual challenge so you'll see your miles and fundraising be added to the #mymarathonmyway total online.

2. Track

No matter how long it takes, imagine how great you will feel when you've completed the distance of a marathon. Track your miles and see them add up to 26.2 miles completed!

3. Fundraise

The money you raise will help Sands support bereaved parents, their families and will help us continue to support and inform healthcare professionals give the best bereavement care they can.

Now, more than ever, Sands is here to support all NHS staff working in hospitals to equip them with the confidence and skills to care for families when the worst happens. You'll be saving lives with every mile.

This is a virtual event where you can run, jog, walk or step a marathon in your own time. No pressure or time limits. Just your own marathon in your way.

As it's a virtual event it couldn't be easier to get involved. Just sign up today, and track your miles. You could run, walk, jog or step a mile each day. Or you could spread it out for slightly longer runs or walks a few times a week. You could even work out how many steps it would take to complete 26.2 miles on your stairs at home! It's totally up to you and is a chance for you to keep fit and active, whilst supporting Sands.

However you choose to take on your marathon, it's up to you! By completing my marathon my way, you'll be saving lives with every mile.

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Here we hope to answer all your questions but if you have any more please do email and we'll be very happy to help!

When do I need to complete My Marathon My Way by?

We're suggesting you do this in April but you have the whole of Spring to take this on as traditionally this is marathon season. Even though we must social distance and adhere to government guidelines with regards to COVID-19, Spring can still be your marathon. Just track your miles until you reach your goal.

Can I do this challenge during the current COVID-19 climate?

According to the government guidelines, for those of you who it's suitable for, it's important for your mental and physical health to exercise outdoors if you can. 'You can also go for a walk or exercise outdoors if you stay more than 2 metres from others'. ( So we suggest you make the most of your opportunity to exercise once a day and track your miles for My Marathon My Way by running or walking outside. You could even do this in your garden, on your staircase and even your balcony! Read more of the government guidelines by following this link:

How much should I raise for My Marathon My Way?

We suggest setting a target of £100 but there is no minimum or maximum for this challenge. Whatever you are able to raise will help to support bereaved families during this difficult time.

Want to know what your fundraising means to Sands? Watch this film and see how your support makes a difference.

Saving lives with every mile. #mymarathonmyway

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